Monday, December 17, 2012


One of the best things about the dog show was not just that there were hundreds of adorable dogs with friendly humans, but also the fact that there were so many different kinds of dogs walking around. Dogs I'd only read about, or seen in YouTube videos! Dogs like the PERUVIAN HAIRLESS, which I'd longed to see IRL. (In addition to YOLO, my students taught me IRL this summer. Eep.)

The women with these dogs were really friendly, and explained that it's necessary to oil these dogs down (yes) and to coat them with sunscreen. (I frequently saw them doing both.)

Look at these beauties!

It's like touching a baby.

Check out those skin wrinkles!

Dedicated to SPD...!


  1. Neat! (ps: what is YOLO?)

  2. We never heard of these dogs, and then saw one recently walking by our house. They are nutty. But they are beautiful and feel like silk
    Benny and Lily

  3. Raechel: YOLO = you only live once!

    Benny and Lily: Beautiful, indeed! The ones we felt were a little more rough than silk-like, but still so neat!

  4. I just signed on to comment to ask what YOLO means! Now I know.

    These hairless dogs are kind of amazing and a little unsettling in their hairlessness . . .